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How to protect eyes when riding the electric motor?

In the process of routine riding, I wonder if you have considered a very important problem, that is eye protection. In fact, in our life, many friends like to ride to and from work, or go out for a short trip. However, for a long time, our eyes may suffer some damage. Therefore, wants everyone to do eye care in the process of riding.

So why should we protect eyes? First of all, when riding the electric friction, it is recommended that you wear the best windshield helmet to prevent the invasion of sand. For example, there are many friends in the process of riding, often faster, and even reach tens of kilometers per hour. Under such circumstances, if our eyes are exposed, then it is likely to be affected by wind and sand.

In the long run, it may cause redness and congestion of the eyes. Secondly, in the process of riding outdoors, especially in the hot summer, because the sun is more dazzling, and ultraviolet radiation is more severe. In such an environment, riding is likely to keep your eyes open. This will not only affect the eye's health, but also increase the risk of driving a lot. So it's best to wear sunglasses while riding the bike, and don't look at the glare.


It should be noted that during the period of riding, we should strengthen the rest, and ride for a long time, so as to avoid visual fatigue. Especially after wearing sunglasses, because it reduces the light around, but also makes it difficult for us to distinguish the signs around.

In the end, I hope everyone will realize the importance of this problem, and hope everyone can take the necessary equipment while riding the electric motor, and pay attention to protect our eyes.

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