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Answers to two questions about the electric bicycle

As we all know, the application of electric bicycle is very extensive, which can bring a lot of convenience for our daily trip. Therefore, more and more people will choose electric bicycles as a common means of transportation nowadays. However, during the use period, there are two problems besetting many people. Do you know their answers?


The first problem is that, in the actual riding process, the battery of electric bicycle may not achieve the marked service life. How can it be?

In fact, if it is normal, then the battery of electric bicycle used for three years is no problem. In real life, however, most users will replace the new batteries in about a year and a half. Is it because the battery quality is not up to standard? It is not. The service life of the battery is not only related to its own performance quality, but also to many other factors.

One of the important factors is our daily riding habits and charging habits. For example, some users often overcharge when charging for electric bicycles, which will seriously affect the life of the battery. Or during riding, frequent braking and other bad habits will have a great negative impact on battery life.

The second problem is that, during the actual ride, the electric bike does not reach the number of kilometers which has been calibrated. What is the reason?

To answer this question, we need to analyze it in many ways. The first point may be to have a great relationship with the environment temperature. It is well known that the actual driving distance of electric bicycle is closely related to the temperature conditions. For example, in the cold winter, its travel distance is relatively short. In addition, it is related to the road conditions and riding habits.

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