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attention for the safe use of electric bicycles

The utility model relates to an electric bicycle, which is a new type of bicycle, and has many similarities with the bicycle,now I introduce some for your reference.

1. power lithium battery preferred [large capacitance, self consumption and little pollution, secondly lead-acid dry battery sealing, no leakage  to prevent electrolyte, electrolyte leakage, corrosion and damage caused by pollution.

2.Some electric vehicles supply voltage is higher than 36 volts, more than the safety threshold voltage, prone to electric shock accident, be extra careful.


                           Electric Ladies Bikes

3.always check the circuit plug, prevent contact is not strong, cause, contact spark, fever; avoid aging, wear caused by occurrence of iron short string electric accident.

  4.the charge must not be in the storage room, basement and other narrow, sealed environment, to prevent the explosion of mixed gases. the night sleep time charge can not be taken lightly, in case of poor quality or long time use, charger temperature will be very high, easy to cause fire the start, climbing, should pedal help, to prevent the starting current is too large, mechanical work over time overload, causing motor coil, line, storage battery and governor overheating damage

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