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Buyers of electric cars should pay attention to what

Inherent quality improving is the key to electric: motors, controllers, chargers and batteries. Four large pieces of the quality and suitability of four parts is essential for improving electric performance. Due to the battery, motor, charger, controllers, four pieces each have specific optimal operating parameters, so when you select four items also needs to focus on the best fitting of parameters between the four. Only the best fitting to enable four running plays to the extreme. Prolong the service life of the battery, so as to improve vehicle performance. A. motor: outside the selection except light electric tricycle electric hub, mainly is the selection of low-power DC series motor. Strong overload capacity, more mature products. B. controllers: configuration speed control handle (or speed control pedal) controller, the motor speed control handy, that is, the speed can be adjusted under driver will. Controller also has a lot of subsidiary function: current-limiting protection, undervoltage protection, soft start function, coaster-proof function, self diagnosis function. For these subsidiary features are not on the market, all Governors have, at the time of purchase, consumers need to pay special attention to.

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