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Concept and configuration requirements of electric motorcycles

When people define electric motorcycles,according to the current situation of the market, the industry is usually will be the motor power is more than 500 w, in more than 48 v battery voltage, and tire size in 3.0 above, more than 40 km/h electric products is called the mount.At the time of judgment, several important parameters such as voltage and motor power are also the main basis for product definition.

From this perspective, compared with common electric products in the market, electric motorcycle main difference is that it belongs to a more powerful, faster and more powerful electric vehicle product.However, there are many consumers can not distinguish between electric motorcycles and luxury electric bikes, and some even think there is no strict difference between them.

Actually,in comparison, the electric motorcycle is faster, that’s why it needs more stable frames, better performance of suspension and a more secure braking system.Because of this, the overall weight of the car is greater, and the demand for motor is more stringent.In other words, the main difference between the frame, braking system, suspension and motor is the main difference.

Compared to the average electric car product,considering the use of electric motorcycles,It is stricter on the specifications and quality of each accessory.This also determines that its price is higher than the general electric vehicle product.At present, the price range of the market seems to be between 2500 and 3,500 yuan, while the price of consumer acceptance is basically in this range.

At the same time,the production costs of electric motorcycles are more susceptible to the price of raw materials.In addition, with the increase of labor cost, the price change of electric motorcycles has a great influence in recent years.

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