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Fault analysis of charger for electric bicycle

The front to introduce fault phenomenon under the charger power supply occurs, following the electric vehicle charger casing is burnt, other abnormal sound fault Brief

one. severe fever, even burnt shell deformation

This is mainly because users often carry the car, causing some components of the fault caused by loosening. The main performance is: C18 loose weld, will cause the working state of V1, V2 is not normal, heat is large, the charger shell deformation is serious, the circuit board burned, resulting in V1, V2 damage, C18 can be re welded, check V1, V2, R4, R7.

Two, calorific value and accompanied by abnormal sound

The cause of the failure is the output stage vibration resistance, capacitance, R31 and C17 damage. In addition, C12 is open or will cause the failure


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Three, the work of abnormal sound, not charging

Check the C8 on a circuit board is weld or damaged, the general replacement of C8 can solve.

Four, there is abnormal noise at work, the power indicator and the charging indicator light dark and flashing

The reason for the failure is IC1 damage, replacement must be careful, do not damage the printed plate copper foil, after the replacement of normal, you need to adjust the R28, so that the charger output voltage in the normal range of work.


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