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How to install the storage battery of the electric tricycle?

Do you know how to install the storage battery of the electric tricycle? It is necessary to remind everyone that at the time of installation, we must ensure the security. Under normal conditions, when installing an electric tricycle battery, it is mainly done in series connection, which is, connecting the positive pole of one battery to the negative of the other battery, so that all the batteries are connected together.


In general, in the choice of this installation method, the final step is to connect the positive and negative terminals with the electric tricycle's wiring with the wire. Of course, if you want to choose other links, you need to explain the requirements in advance, until the factory agreed. It is necessary to remind everyone that the battery pack is generally used as the anode of a whole group of batteries connects with the cathode lead, so it mustn't use for tapping.

In the installation of the battery, you also need to select the appropriate location. Under normal circumstances we should install the electric tricycle battery at a location with good air circulation, good heat dissipation and the stable center of gravity. At the same time, taking into account its own quality, it should be equipped with the high quality battery case.

During the installation, we must follow the specific requirements to implement, such as we must use the upright installation, ensure the battery installed firmly. At the same time we should be make that the battery will not move and rub in the process the electric tricycle and take measures to mitigate the impact of vibration and pressure. In addition, in the installation process, we should ensure that the spacing between any two batteries is not less than 2 mm.

In addition, when installing the battery for the electric tricycle, the staff must make sure that the inside of the battery box is smooth and glossy, and reserve the through-hole at the upper end to ensure that the electric tricycle battery can discharge the combustible gas which is burned during the charging and discharging smoothly.

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