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How to quickly repair the electric bicycle battery?

How to quickly repair the electric bicycle battery

Battery used in the use of a period of time, the battery capacity will decline phenomenon. So, to help you to repair the battery commonly 



Repair method: to find the capacity, voltage, self discharge, battery internal resistance has been used together with the battery.


Repair methods: the curing of the battery repair instrument kortis repair, fuzzy digital control theory, through the determination of the state of the battery in charge and discharge at the same time a positive and negative frequency wave particle, with 10 to 20 hours, the removal of lead sulfate battery after crystallization become hard.

     3.Plate softening

Repair method: the battery discharge after 10.5V, with a deep discharge lamp 1-5 hours. And then activate the repair.

    4.short circuit

Repair methods: water battery, you can punch clear, will come up short of the lead powder! Electric vehicle batteries, can quickly short-circuit negative, where the short circuit blows! circuit

Repair method: test battery with 100A,if voltage is zero,then we called open circuit, with a single measurement method to check the place where is open circuit place, good welding.

Multimeter can be used to measure the open circuit!

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