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Interpretation of Electric Scooter Test Method

In the test of the dynamic performance of electric scooter, we need to refer to a certain standard, which mainly provides the contents of the highest speed, acceleration performance and climbing ability. Among them, the climbing ability of electric motor, including the fixed speed climbing, slope slope and slope climbing and other test methods.

In other words, before the test, we should first clear the specific rules and standards. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the test vehicle before starting the test. Considering that the power source of the electric scooter belongs to the energy storage battery, rather than the traditional fuel type, it needs to be distinguished on the vehicle preparation.


In addition, before the start of the test, it is necessary to run the selected test vehicle in a running manner, mainly to activate the battery, so that the state of the test vehicle can be optimized. In addition, it should ensure that the electric motor charging time and temperature requirements.

In general, before the start of the test, the materials to be prepared not only include the traditional fuel and motorcycle equipment, but also should be prepared with some electrical equipment, such as voltmeter, ammeter, wattage watch and so on. In the course of the experiment, due to the special nature of the motor itself, so we also need to follow a certain order of the experiment.

Otherwise, if the test sequence is unreasonable, then it may lead to electricity consumption will be used, and need to re-charge for a long time. This will not only take more time, but also may be due to changes in the situation, and the final results of the trial have a certain impact.

In other words, before the start of the test, we need to combine the specific situation of electric shock, and then appropriate arrangements for specific test content and test sequence, so that not only can control the test time, but also to ensure the accuracy of the test.

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