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Notice three details will make your electric motorcycle more durable

Now more and more users of electric motorcycle,they are enjoying the convenience brought by this kind of transportation, and it also needs the proper maintenance of users.In the winter, there is more attention to the maintenance of electric motorcycle, which is because the winter temperature is lower, which can lead to lower mileage.

Therefore, in the current cold weather, we should not only pay attention to ourselves to keep warm, but also need to give our beloved electric motorcycle to warm up.So how do you do that?

Tip 1: during the use of electric motorcycle, the battery should be avoided as much as possible.

A lot of current electric motorcycle is equipped battery, and accumulator is in discharge to terminate voltage, if continue discharge is belong to excessive discharge.Overdischarge will cause serious damage to the battery performance, especially the electrical performance and cycle life of the battery.Because when the battery is discharged to the end of the voltage, the internal resistance is larger, and the concentration of electrolyte is thinner, and the short circuit can be easily developed, which is to form an irreversible sulfuric acid.

 Tip 2: correctly grasp the charging time of electric motorcycle, in case of overcharge.

Many users will find that the battery is not durable after using it for a period of time. A large part of this is due to incorrect charging methods.It is recommended that you charge the battery during the winter, and control the charging time and charge your batteries.

Tip 3: check the electric motorcycle connections regularly to ensure them reliable .

In order to keep the safety of daily travel, we should not only obey the traffic rules consciously, but also pay attention to Get into the habit of using electric motorcycle.Before we go out, it's best to check with the electric motorcycle, especially with tires and connecting parts to ensure safety.

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