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Safety tips for riding electric bikes in winter

Electric bikes are not only the role of transport, both represent an attitude in the current society. In the process of choosing electric bikes, consumers will not only pay attention to the price of them, but also take into account many factors, such as appearance ,design concept and so on .

That’s why more and more people choose an electric bike to ride. We could see every scene easier and more convenient in this way . But as the weather gets colder, winter is coming . What should we notice for riding electric bikes during the winter ?

In such weather conditions, if we don't pay attention to safety, we will have some hidden dangers. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the riders , let's share some notice tips as fellow for reference. 

1、 During using , we must check the performance of the brakes regularly. Make sure the brake is effective and the steering is flexible and smooth. In addition, before traveling, we would better to check if the tire pressure is ok . when weather is windy or foggy , the rider must slow down and drive carefully.

2、 Since the low temperature in winter, both we wear more clothes when we ride, we could have a decrease in the audio-visual response and the flexibility of action. Therefore, in the process of cycling electric bikes, we must slow down the speed, reserve the safety distance, and avoid the pedestrians. Never cause a safety accident by trying to carry more items one time with your electric bike.

3Always remember the traffic laws in mind during the ride. Be mindful not to ride electric bikes on the motor lane, each time we should observe the situation rear of the electric bike before swerving, be sure everything is safe ,then we could continue to drive.

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