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Share four-wheel electric car battery repair methods

For electric car, related electric vehicles has understand of user are know, for new purchased of electric car once charging can exercise 200-400 km, but in using one years yihou, battery of storage electric performance on has declined has, for battery save electric reduced of situation, then will need on its battery for repair, not balance repair method: find capacity, and since discharge of battery with with. Water loss repair methods: pry the cover plate above the battery. When you pry the cover plate, should not damage the cover. 6 exhaust valve can then see the rubber cap. Open the rubber cap, through the vent holes can be seen inside the battery. Open the cover, see small holes inside have dried up. Sulfation repair method: curing repair system fixes for electric car batteries using fuzzy control theory, by determining the battery status, charge and discharge at the same time positive and negative frequency constant particle wave with 10-20 hours of time, remove the battery after crystallization of the solid lead sulphate.

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