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Summer is how to maintain electric sanitation trucks

1, avoid electric sanitation trucks in water, batteries, motors and control electronics are more sensitive to water, so avoid driving rain days. 2, and avoid in high temperature Sun Xia exposure, summer ban in high temperature environment Xia charging, battery charging Shi will produced heat, makes battery temperature increased, if plus charging environment temperature high, easy caused battery loss increases early dry; if precipitation of gas accumulation encountered heat easy caused explosion dangerous; as battery charging Shi power box sent hot or not turned green, should timely to the after-sales service points on battery detection and added liquid maintenance. Experts warn the user, motorized sanitation truck battery in high temperature seasons running, main issues of excessive charging. In order to prevent excessively high charging voltage, should try to reduce the battery temperature, to ensure good heat dissipation, sun exposure is the sharp rise in temperature in the power box, bring the battery temperature rises, leading to increased when charging battery internal pressure loss of water increases, thus affecting battery life. 3, summer should also avoid braking.

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