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Talking about the safety protection function in the battery system of electric vehicle

In fact, , in addition to its own five key components, there is a system is also very important for electric vehicles. That is the battery management system, because the system will directly affect the performance of the battery during the normal play. In other words, the battery management system is an important part of electric vehicles, and an important guarantee for the safe operation of the battery.

In general, whether the battery management system can play its role and value or not, will be directly related to the length of the vehicle mileage. And it even can be seen as a managerial staff, who can guarantee performance of the battery and prevent the battery damaging in advance. When the battery is abnormal, the system also has a certain reminder function for reference. The safety protection function is one of the basic functions of the electric car's battery management system.


So, what is the security function of the battery management system? First, when the electric vehicle battery is in an idle state and an operating condition, the system can monitor the battery module. For example, if you find the battery temperature, voltage, or current exceeds the set limit, the system will immediately stop outputting the battery module and send out a warning.

Normally, when the battery is in the idle state, the protection function of the system is mainly used to detect whether the battery temperature is too high and the circuit is short-circuited or not. When the electric car battery is in working condition, the system have mainly charge overvoltage, discharge undervoltage, overcharging, over discharge, discharge overcurrent and short circuit stop and other protections.

In short, for the user, the battery management system is a essential system, which plays an important role in the use of electric vehicles. Of course, in this system, we can also add the charge over-current and other people need protection functions.

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