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Teach you how to maintain during the rainy season the electric car

Into the rainy season, the electric car after wading, not only for the loss of the electric car is very large, also result in accident frequency has been greatly enhanced. Therefore, the electric vehicle in front of the drive, preferably to prior check the electric brake system, lighting system, wheel systems are intact, if found, must not travel easily. Braking system: wet wet, tire grip and friction greatly decrease, prone to slipping, so check in advance the car's braking performance is complete. Second, wheel systems: wet the slippery ground, before travelling can change tires at the right time, the best choice for drainage pattern of the tyre. Third, the lighting system: rainy day bad sight, especially at night, make sure the headlights lights are complete before you go out. Used particularly frequently in the rain, not any problem to occur.

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