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The 'low price' of the electric vehicle industry is a real poison

In the current development of the electric vehicle industry, the problem of low price competition is very serious. As a result of the embarrassing situation in the price war for a long time, the profits of the industry have been reduced to freezing point. Thus, the dealer's business is getting worse and worse, doing is also a natural thing. And this "low quality, low price" model of development for the industry as a whole, have produced a lot of negative impact.

Because electric price fall, resulting in industry profits very little input and output, excellent production enterprise is not proportional to the. Perhaps some people think that "low-quality low-cost" is not wrong, it will bring consumers a lot of benefits. On the face of it, it seems so, but it is not. If "low quality, low price" become a habit of the industry, then the ultimate harm will be the real interests of the industry itself and consumers.

After years of development, now the electric car industry has entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading, and we know that the reason for the transformation and change, the ultimate purpose is to make the whole industry out of the "low quality" mode, mode of development to the "high quality"

That is to say, only if we realize the development mode of "high quality and high price" as soon as possible, can we promote the development of the whole industry and bring profits to the manufacturing enterprises. It should be known that profits are the source of innovation for manufacturing enterprises. And the future development of the industry will also be in a healthy and orderly direction.

In short, the only way to develop the future of electric vehicles is to make the electric vehicle products and the real demand of the consumers of the market combine well, and form a good competitive relationship among the production enterprises. And constantly enhance the industry's independent innovation capability, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, but also the industry's common goals and aspirations.


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