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Three considerations for electric car batteries to buy

First, concerns the capacity and voltage of the battery indicator, battery-electric vehicles the main power source, and different capacity, power and range of electric vehicles on the price difference of 2 to 3 times. At the time of purchase, to figure out what to buy electric-car batteries in the end is how much, and how much amperage. Under normal circumstances, 48 volts, 20 ampere of electric vehicle battery 36 Volt 10 ampere of full charge a one-time moving to a long journey, in General, battery capacity, greater power and higher prices. Second, to asked clear electric of warranty period and specific warranty content, businesses General are commitment battery warranty one years, but businesses by said of insurance "a years" is points period meter of: General refers to purchase of day up, six months within occurred quality problem replaced new battery, six months to one years replaced old of maintenance battery, using one years Hou occurred problem businesses shall not be liable for. So, when consumers buy electric vehicles and businesses negotiate specific warranty periods and the corresponding battery contents and indicated on the warranty card, in order to avoid consumer disputes. Third, to select a brand, service and reputation.

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