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Three questions with the development of electric bikes

As the most popular bikes, the development track of electric bikes has gone through different stages and left its mark.Many people are concerned about the development of electric bikes.Let's give a brief introduction to three representative questions.

First question: will electric bikes disappear in future markets?

When it comes to riding electric bikes, the first reaction of most people is to be safe and convenient.Despite the expansion of the city's size and increasing public transport, electric bikes have always played a vital role.

Meanwhile, with the popularity of private cars, the mobility of electric bikes has not been significantly affected.According to statistics, in the last few years of sales, domestic various electric vehicle products have maintained relatively objective figures.In addition, with the development of this kind of transportation, it also provides a good solution to the urban congestion problem.So we don't have to worry about disappearing in the future.There is still plenty of space for electric bikes to grow in front of new demand.

Second question: how long can China be as a big electric bike application country ?

China has always had the reputation of being a big electric bike producer country also a big electric bike application country .So how long will it last?In terms of scale alone, China remains firmly in place as the "kingdom of electric bikes".And the inflection point of the whole industry has come, and low growth will be the norm in the future.

The third question: what will electric bikes look like in the future?

In combination with market developments in recent years, future electric bikes will be developed towards such a standard - "light, fine, smart, high".In the future, electric bikes will not only be more and more rich in style, but also more elaborate and elegant, more like an artwork.

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