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What are the basic components and accessory parts of electric bikes?

In fact, in an ordinary electric bike, it includes many components.According to the role and status of these components, they can be divided into two categories: basic components and auxiliary parts.So what are the main components of these electric bikes?

Let's look at some of the basic components.For electric bikes, the so-called basic components refer to the parts that are indispensable for the entire electric bike to ride, or the parts that guarantee the safety of cycling.Mainly includes chassis parts, progressive components, including front fork, handlebar components, including fixed handlebar and combined handlebar, front axle parts, the front wheel parts (including the spokes and a mother, rim, inner tube and tyre).

In addition to these basic components, the basic components of an electric bike also includes: front brake parts, axial parts (including the crankshaft and sprocket), pedal parts, have integral type and combination type, chain components (ordinary chain and thin chain), flywheel components (divided into two categories, single-stage and multistage), rear axle parts, chain cover parts, after the rear wheel parts, brake parts, saddle parts and reflector parts.

So, in a normal electric bike, which accessory parts are included?In fact, accessory parts mainly refer to the parts that can not affect the performance of the bike, but can make the whole vehicle more complete.The auxiliary parts mainly include the front mud board parts, the rear mud board parts, the coat hanger parts, the bracket parts, the lock parts and the basket parts.

In an electric bike, the frame part is quite important, quite the skeleton of the vehicle.During the ride, the part should bear the weight of the rider, the cargo and the electric bike, and also bear the impact of the turbulence caused by the driving.In order to ensure the safety of cycling, the frame of electric bike should reach enough structural strength.

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