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What are the categories of electric tricycles?

The electric tricycle is divided into household type, freight type and factory type according to its usage.

Household electric tricycle, the structure of the car weight, generally 200KG or so, the motor is generally 350-500W, the battery is 12V20AH batteries, suitable for household and elderly transportation tools.


                  Cargo tricycle        

Cargo type electric tricycle, this car is divided into two kinds, one for the motor type, configuration and styles and motorcycle almost three motors with shaft center, with more than 500W motor, carrying capacity is generally 300-600KG, equipped with reversing switch, and speed control system. The fastest speed is about 35 kilometers.

The factory type electric tricycle, motor, battery, more durable, can adapt to high temperature, dust, rough road environment, the frame material, welding process requirement is higher, the frame is above 2.5MM with the thickness of the bridge, after more than 78MM in diameter, welding arc welding using plasma welding, high density, high tensile strength of the weld seam that is not easy to break. Able to adapt to plant operating environment requirements.

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