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What are the evaluation criteria of electric scooter performance?

We know that in determining the quality of a product performance, often in accordance with certain standards to carry out. If this standard is not uniform, then the performance index parameters listed above may contain greater moisture, and also not comparable. Electric friction products are the same. Then what are the evaluation criteria for electric friction products?

The first is to judge the mileage of electric friction and its energy consumption. Normally, we ensure the safety of the battery in the charging state, verified in accordance with established standards to the distance, the total mileage of the actual mileage is reached, consumption in the process of energy is the energy consumption.

n fact, for most consumers, vehicle mileage and energy consumption indicators are an important indicator of their choice. In addition, the vehicle performance criteria are also included. Because the power and drive modes of different electrical drives may vary, the performance, reliability, and durability of the vehicle will behave differently. Therefore, in evaluating vehicle performance, it must be carried out in accordance with the unified standards.

For example, many consumers in the process of purchasing, more attention to the dynamic performance of electric friction, power performance mainly includes the maximum vehicle speed, vehicle acceleration performance and climbing ability. In addition, there is a very important indicator is the motor output power.

It is because the output power of electric motor has some particularity, therefore in the process of formulating standards, an important factor in this standard is also the first consideration, especially when the definition of electric motorcycle products of motorcycle, moped or whether it belongs to, must be considered with this index.


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