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What are the market prospects of the electric tricycle industry?

until today, in China, we already have a very big range of users. for electric tricycle, how big of the market? For this , all are extremely concerned . Data show that the number of domestic electric tricycles is between 45 million -50 million, then is this  the critical point of market demand?

If yes, then it means that in future the development of electric tricycles will be mainly concentrated in the old exchange . for this we analy that if consider from the substitution of many factors such as properties of the product, consumer groups and the number of products in the future, the product of social population reached 70 million -80 million, that can be seen as a saturated node.

from this point , we will understand that the electric tricycle at present still have some consumption growth, including 20 million to 30 million incremental consumption space, and about 3 million to 3.5 million for new productions. However, the domestic manufacturer's annual output of this product is about 16 million to 18 million for a year.

Therefore, in the future , the industry will also be faced with the plight of overcapacity. Although the domestic market is very large, manufacturers who entering this industry earlier can share part of the profits. However, the shared profit  between different companies is still relatively large.

Overall, in fact, the development of electric tricycle demand is partly from the needs of the market, while the other part is to rely on the efforts of all manufactories in the electric tricycle industry to obtain. Therefore, in the future production and processing, we should be aware of this problem, in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of electric two wheel vehicles.


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