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What are the reasons of brakes stop working?

What are the reasons of brakes stop working?

A lot of people will meet such a problem during running: when there is no reset, the brakes can not work, the possibility of the existence of the phenomenon of simple analysis as follows

1. brake fault, the brake did not give the brake signal to controller, the reason for this phenomenon may be bad brake switch , or the brake line is disconnected. We maybe getdown the brake line from the controller, pinch the brake handle in case with digital universal profile measurement of diode test brake two lines is short, normal should be short, otherwise the brakes are damaged, solution: replace the brake handle or disconnect the connected line.


2 internal brake of controller input circuit is bad, this situation is not the same braking signal transmitted to the controller, it can not produce brake function, so that the controller in turn not reset conditions continue to drive motor forward, showing the brake effect phenomenon


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