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What are the voltage faults in the electric bicycle charger

Besides the power indicator lamp, abnormal sound and serious heating fault, the voltage fault is a common phenomenon in electric bicycles. What are the voltage faults? The following small brief introduction, I hope we can help you further understand the problem of electric bicycle charger fault.

1.The output voltage is very high

The output voltage is very high (greater than 50V). The reason for the fault is C15 short circuit or R26 open circuit. The voltage of the 1 pin of the IC1 integrated circuit can be measured when judged。

Note: after changing the R26, the R28 should be readjusted so that the charger output voltage remains normal.


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2.the output voltage is normal, but the charging current is very small

Check whether R30, R11 and R13 are in bad contact or damage. If normal, please replace IC1 to eliminate trouble

3.The output voltage is normal and the charging indicator is not indicated or indicated incorrectly

Usually replaceable due to IC2 damage or LED2 damage

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