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What can we pay attention to the battery?

Summary: on the battery maintenance, first , we should not change the charger freely, do not get rid of the cable of controller speed limit. Various charger manufacturers, generally, there will be personalized on demand, because of this, we can not change the charger freely.

If the battery can last longer distance , it must be equipped with several chargers in different places. To remove the calbe of speed limit on controller , in the short , although it can be directly on improving the speed , but from another side, except it will directly reduce the safety of the vehicle itself, is also directly decreased the battery itself service life.

About the maintenance of batteries .In fact, we should protect the chargers. there will be instructions on the protection of chargers. However, many users will not actually look at the instructions, and when they are out of the question before they think of reading instructions, this time, in fact, already late.

In order to reduce the cost of the electric bicycle, the charger in general is not equipped to do high vibration resistance,so it is best that we do not put on the electric car trunk or basket.

The special requirements,need to move, must take the charger with foam packaging, it is also can prevent the occurrence of vibration and turbulence phenomenon to a great extent. On the electric automatic charger, after the vibration, its internal potentiometer may drift phenomenon, which leads to the abnormal state of the whole charging state.


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