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Electric Sanitation Trucks Daily Maintenance Considerations

Driving a sanitation truck personnel of a relevant training and instruction of personnel, fuel type for sanitation trucks, drivers also need to be successful in Department of transportation qualified personnel, it can drive electric sanitation trucks according to the driver's license of the corresponding type of vehicles. Driving a sanitation car manufacturers should carefully review the distribution of manuals, and in strict accordance with relevant codes to operate, prohibited when driving overloaded, more speed, and so on. Every day before using the sanitation trucks routinely checked to ensure trouble-free driving, and daily use is completed, also should be cleaned in time to prevent internal garbage sanitation trucks were not clean and cause corrosion damage to vehicle body. For electric sanitation trucks, and to periodically check the battery capacity is sufficient, from time to time to charge up its operation to prevent motorized sanitation truck driving. And at the very beginning, not catching up, preferably vulgar smooth so as not to cause damage to the electrical system.

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