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Electric Sightseeing Cars Should Be On How To Drive Safely

1, electric tourist car driver must have a driver's license, no ineligible persons driving without a license. 2, the driver must read the "operating instructions" are familiar with the instructions noted in the technical parameters, operators, functions, procedures and security code, see maintenance, pay attention to the charger using methods and points for attention. 3, the driver may not be drinking before work, sick or sedative and anti-allergic drugs, no driving. 4, tourism enterprises within venues can only try to drive the car, don't exercise on the highways, streets, and try not to bad on the road. 5, electric sightseeing cars not too high speed, downhill segment will slow down. Wet weather, particularly continuous rainy weather to skid. 6, meet other active parking of motor vehicles, and to enforcing traffic regulations. 7, electric sightseeing cars shall not be overloaded, driving overcrowding.

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