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Electric Winter Maintenance Considerations

Focus on maintenance the battery: (1) to keep warm. Battery is one of the core components of electric sanitation trucks, and most cold parts. Electric sanitation trucks must pay attention to the battery during the winter to keep warm, electric sanitation trucks are best indoors, avoid low temperature affect battery performance. (2) charging: light-filled. Winter motorized sanitation truck battery capacity low 45% of the spring and summer, so in addition to battery maintenance, note also that the service charge, it is best to recharge after each use. In addition, the battery capacity low in winter, a full charge time is short, so be careful not to overcharge. (3) attention to driving skills. While in operation, to develop good habits, don't frequent acceleration or deceleration, without brakes, this battery is very harmful, impact on battery life, it will be easy for the momentary high current, short circuit, and so on.

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