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Introduction To Electric Trucks

Motor truck cargo is general term for pure electric vehicles, in order to solve factories, docks and other small areas designed for the carriage of goods within a modern environment-friendly vehicles. Current tonnage of 0.5----4 tons, container width of 1.5----2.5 meters. Domestic electric trucks can be divided into two kinds: one is flat, the other is van, flat-plate can be divided into the half-open type (cockpit fully enclosed or semi-enclosed) and open (No cabs) two vans can also be divided into fully enclosed and semi-enclosed is two. Electric truck General in container size and the load volume aspects can according to customer actual needs to tailored customized, for meet customer actual needs, electric truck most used abroad advanced of motor and control technology, makes its has load volume big, and power more strong of features, big capacity battery more guarantee has its super long of continued drove mileage, super strong of chassis design makes its security can more stable.

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