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Precautions For Use And Maintenance Of Electric Car

(A) must comply with the operational requirements for electric bikes. (B) the design standards for electric load is 75kg, when the load is more than 90kg, the battery and the motor will be damaged. (C) the battery can no longer use, use recharge at least once a month. The battery must be fully charged after riding store, otherwise it will greatly affect the battery life, severe cases can cause battery scrap. (D) when the power runs out, the system will automatically power off. But after turn off the power supply, battery bounce appears "empty" voltage (reactive power and voltage), and must be charged before using, otherwise the battery will discharge, and this will be irreparable damage to the battery. (E) the electric bicycle line mileage 40-50km. When in actual use line mileage is affected by many factors (such as frequent braking, starting, on the pavements, air temperature is too low, steep slopes, Luff, underinflated tires, the load is too big) impact.

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