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The Electric Car Industry Is Growing Faster And Faster

The development of the domestic electric bike industry can be described as "exceptionally fierce".Especially from 5005 years to now, the domestic electric bike industry has stepped into the overspeed development stage.In this stage, the fierce competition between the various production enterprises has significantly increased the technological progress and the diffusion of new technologies.

At the same time, the technical level of the whole industry has been significantly improved.

These improvements are very beneficial to consumers.Combined with the technology innovation of key components such as batteries and motors, the performance of electric bikes has been greatly improved.The battery life and capacity increased by 35%.The motor also developed from a single brush motor to become an efficient brushless motor , which increased its life expectancy by five times and improved its working efficiency by nearly 30%.Also the electric bike's slope and load capacity have been improved to varying degrees.

More importantly, as the overall performance of electric bikes increases, the production costs are constantly decreasing.Not only that, but the technical level of the controller system and charging system also improved significantly.So far, with the emergence of lithium batteries, the development of the whole industry has been further driven, especially the development of simple electric bikes.

The optimization and upgrading of the performance of the motor parts also make the development of electric bike industry growing faster and faster.Now China's light electric bikes have accounted for more than 90 percent of global sales.And cause by these new technologies coming out, the industry continues to evolve.Not only the continuous increase of electric bike range, the performance of the electric bike also has been significantly improved.

Especially in the current era, electric bikes have obvious advantages.The speed of urban development is speeding up and the problem of urban traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious.Therefore, electric bikes are undoubtedly the preferred means of transportation for some low - and middle-income groups, and its superior convenience and economy make it show an increasing substitution advantage.

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