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The Judgment Skills Of Chargers

Many people don't realize the importance of chargers when they are shopping for electric bicycles. In fact, if the chosen charger has good quality, it will have a long life expectancy, and it will generally be used until the electric bicycle is broken.Not only it will save money, but it can avoid a lot of trouble.


Therefore, it is required that we should pay attention to the preparatory work in the early stage.In this case, it is recommended that you choose more reliable regular electric bicycle manufacturers, because the quality of original fittings supplied by these manufacturers is also very reliable.So, in the course of daily use, how do we determine whether the charger has broken down?


Let's take a look at this and in conjunction with the experience of the maintenance staff and hope to help you. In this way, we can make some simple judgments on our own. First of all, we should check the appearance of the charger, mainly by looking at the influence of the environment on the charger, checking its appearance, whether it is dust, etc.


Second, we can listen with the help of our ears and then judge. At this point, we should pick up the charger and then place it in the ear to shake a few times, listening to whether there is an abnormal sound inside. If there is an abnormal sound, it means there may be some problems inside the charger.


Finally, we can use the sense of smell to judge, mainly by putting the charger on the nose to sniff. In this case, you can quickly determine the extent of the damage without taking it apart. This, of course, requires experience and can distinguish between different smells.

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