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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Locomotive

Pros: overhead line electric locomotive has simple structure, low cost, easy to maintain, the transport capacity of the locomotive, high speed, high power efficiency, low transport costs, the most widely used. Cons: must be rectified and wire facilities, inflexible; size wire on roadways and pedestrian safety there is a certain degree of impact between bow and wire are prone to spark, not allowed in a serious mine gas used when initial construction investment, but in the long term, with total cost of overhead line electric car much lower than battery electric locomotive. Therefore, if mine permitting, mine's main transport used overhead line electric car. Battery electrical vehicle is battery power supply. Batteries generally run in underground garages. Electric car batteries to a certain degree, put it down and put on fully charged. Therefore, each motor vehicle must be equipped with a 2-3 battery.

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