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What Are The Common Faults Of The Motor Vehicle

Mine electric locomotive is an important means of transport in coal production. Its application improves the working environment of coal mine workers ' and reduce the labor intensity of workers, but in everyday use, there are some common mechanical problems. When exceptions occur when the locomotive should immediately find a professional maintenance staff, maintenance staff should check and record the symptoms, then according to the following maintenance repair and maintenance be sure to disconnect the power before, remember safety first. On the failure of reason and summarized in the practice of relevant treatment methods are introduced. 1, observe the controller power led (yellow) is not lit, measuring host Panel a socket 12 feet between 10 feet and there is no 48V power supply voltage, and if not, check the 6A insurance, temperature switches and lines. If so, the Control Board bad and in need of replacement. 2, and power indicates lamp bright, up moving led (green) not bright, 2.1 check controller b socket of 2 feet has no 15V up moving voltage, if no, is Control Board bad; if has, again measurement b Socket 1 feet voltage, 1 feet no 15V, is check photoelectric given device within of micro-moving switch and the related circuit; 1 feet has 15V, is check Control Board.

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